The word ‘Kala’ is formed by applying Kach and Top (Kal + Kach + Top) in the Sanskrit Kal metal. In Sanskrit dictionary, this word is used in various meanings such as shell, block, a line of the moon, beauty, ornamentation, skill or meritocracy etc. But in history and culture, ‘art’ means beauty, beauty or joy. It is art to express your emotional feelings visually with beauty.

The great art thinker “Acharya Kshemraj”, says that ‘Art is the expression of one’s self through something and this expression is through pictures, dances, idols, instruments, etc.’ Thus, the art embodies the aesthetic sense of man is . In fact, the origin of art is the result of the basic inspiration of beauty.

The purpose of each artistic process is the expression of beauty and joy. Man is a social animal and in this form he has to express his feelings and thoughts. This articulation or disclosure is possible only through art.

In ancient India, considering art as equivalent to literature and music, it has been said to be essential for humans. Another art philosopher ‘Bhartrihari’ has clearly written in his Ethics that a person inferior to literature, music and art is like a tail and hornless animal.


Art is synonymous with ‘Lokaranjan’ in Indian tradition. Since it also has the meaning of efficiency or meritocracy, the process of completing a work in a proper manner can also be called art. The skill by which utility and beauty are communicated in an object is an art. The history of Indian art is very ancient and glorious. In fact, this art is a powerful means of understanding the views of the residents here.